Hello and Welcome to my place on the web!  I hope you like what you see and find the perfect addition to your menagerie. Before you read further, know that I create art from the heart!

A little about me... I’m always a work-in-progress exploring new styles and mediums. I have a love for animals and the beautiful outdoors ever since I can remember as you will see in my designs.  I've been making glass beads since 2016, pyrography and mixed media since 2022. Clay and colored pencil are the newest mediums that I've begun to explore.  

What's my style?  My style is 'variety' in whichever medium I am working in as I like to create something truly new and unique each time. 

In glass, I tend to lean towards focal beads that can be used for display or turned into wearable one-of-a-kind statement pieces. All my beads are designed with YOU in mind:

  • for fellow artisans to create their own unique creations
  • for collectors who want a unique piece of art
  • for those who seek out unique jewelry

Pyrography / Mixed Media
Many don't know what pyrography is. Essentially, it is the art of drawing with heat, more commonly known as wood burning. In Greek "Pyro" means fire and "graph" means art. Every stroke is burned entirely by hand, making each piece of art original and unique. I often add color to my pieces using watercolor or acrylic paint or coloured pencil. Consider a 

  • for those who want a portraiture of their pet
  • for those looking to add fine art to your home decor
  • for collectors who want a unique piece of art
  • prints or art cards of a past piece in case you want to add to your collection but missed out on the original,

The newest medium and one that I wish I had more time to dedicate. For now the focus is on decorative wall art and  functional art. Stay tuned as I develop my skill in this space.

Never bored, always busy. It's just me, trying to make it in this big world. I pride myself on my attention to detail, BUT I believe in handmade over perfection, so when you find tool marks or imperfections on my meticulously created pieces, these are part of my blood, sweat and tears when creating. Made with YOU in mind!

Please note that my creations are all original one of a kind. Some of the pyrography pieces were selected to be made available as prints. For originals, I cannot reproduce my designs exactly, so if you fall in love with an original piece, you will want to grab it before it's gone! 


  • Thank you for supporting this artisan!
  • Thank you for taking the time to stop by... Your business is very much appreciated!
  • Thank you to everyone who leaves feedback on my work!  
  • Thank you for shopping with me and supporting my art! It gives me great pleasure to know that you are happy with your purchase! 

Fun Fact

My mom, Mimi, and I used to create jewelry together. Our company name was Us2 Designs. We came up with that because although many were creating, we thought, why not Us Too?  You will see some of her creations here as well.

Check out my FAQ if you have a question... I might already have an answer :-)