Lampwork Glass Beads

Glass beads are well 'glass'.  Glass can be fragile and will fracture or break if handled roughly. 
  • DO handle them carefully.
  • DO take care when moving items to which beads are attached to prevent striking or scraping of the bead.


Although all my jewelry is crafted with durability in mind, I recommend that you follow these guidelines to ensure your pieces will last a lifetime:
  • Always put your jewelry on last. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions and hair care products.  The chemicals in these products can damage a pearl's luster, tarnish or discolor silver and natural gemstone properties.
  • DO store your jewelry in a zip-lock type bag - this will protect it for a longer life and prevent tarnishing.
  • DO take a moment to wipe your piece with a soft cloth to preserve its sparkle when you remove your jewelry.
  • DO NOT leave your jewelry in bright direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT swim in your jewelry. Chlorine in pools and hot tubs will oxidize the metals and can damage some stones.
  • DO NOT sleep in your jewelry. While you many enjoy your jewelry and want to wear it as much as possible we recommend that you take it off before going to bed. Jewelry can get snagged in blankets, break clasps and pull pieces apart.


  • AVOID positioning your wood burned piece in direct sunlight. Wood burned pieces do fade over the years. This is due to a chemical reaction within the wood and is unfortunately unavoidable. 
  • DO NOT display outdoors or in high humidity areas like a bathroom.